Our offices, along with the City Prosecutor’s Offices in the county, prosecute criminal incidents. This is a free service to the public.

The County Prosecutor’s Office handles felony charges that occur anywhere within Clark County and misdemeanor charges that are outside the city limits of a city within Clark County.

Generally, when a citizen wishes to file a complaint against someone, they file what is known as a Citizen’s Complaint. The affidavit is a piece of paper requesting certain information about the person making the complaint (the complainant) and the person against whom the complaint is being made (the suspect) and the conduct that is alleged to have occurred. The complainant will be asked to fill out the form when they arrive at the Prosecutor’s Office.

The Citizen Complaint is a method by which a person can seek to press charges on someone who has committed a criminal wrong and fits within the jurisdictional limitations described above. We request that a person filing a citizen’s complaint first file a police report with the appropriate agency then call to make an appointment with a case coordinator before coming to the office. This allows the person to choose the best time for their schedule. Additionally, questions may be answered over the telephone saving the citizen the time and trouble of having to come into the office.

The most common complaints that we receive are for Theft, Battery and Harassment, or similar conduct.

To assist us to prosecute your matter faster. Please bring the following:

  1. The Police Report you have filed with the appropriate agency. If you have not filed a police report, please do this first as we are not able to investigate crimes through this office.
  2. Any letters, papers, or other documents you feel might help support your affidavit.
  3. List of witnesses and evidence that supports your affidavit.

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