Clark County Prosecutor Blake Batson is the authorized official for the tri-county Group 6 Drug Task Force.  The task force serves Grant, Hot Spring and Clark counties. Board members of the task force are the Sheriffs of each county, the Police Chiefs in Arkadelphia, Malvern and Sheridan, and the prosecutors for both judicial districts.

Our Vision

Our communities; Drug free.

Our Mission

It is the mission of the Group 6 Regional Drug Task Force to work proactively and collaboratively with our community partners to eliminate illegal drugs with Professionalism, Integrity and Responsiveness.

Our Goals


  • To identify, investigate, and disrupt or dismantle drug trafficking in and throughout Grant, Hot Spring and Clark Counties.
  • To initiate and conduct investigations of drug dealers.
  • To facilitate investigation and problem-solving efforts relating to neighborhood drug problems and determine possible connections to drug trafficking.
  • To promote inter-agency cooperation relating to drug investigations.
  • To promote interdisciplinary cooperation fighting drugs in our communities.
  • To collect analyze and disseminate intelligence information relating to illegal drug activities.
  • To participate in establishing and maintaining a communications network between law enforcement agencies in our area.
  • To be an educational and information resource for our community partners and other agencies regarding illegal drugs, their use and the drug subculture

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